Our Vision

The objective of Education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives
Robert Maynard Hutchins---

Kids Fun Pre School

The quotes mentioned above are the base line of VISION of KIDS FUN PRE SCHOOL and explicitly proclaims it. The promoters have sheer faith that the most sustainable and effective way to pay back to society is through quality based education. As they say knowledge comes and wisdom lingers the promoters of the school envision a school in which students will take lead in changing the Indian society for the better; acting locally, but thinking globally under the periphery of Humanity. They keenly nurture the concept that every student should be transformed into a man of tomorrow, i.e. , should possesses ability, legibility, energy and robust will to contribute effectively to their society, nation and extending further towards global issues. KFPS contemplates that for materialization of their vision, a practical approach is a must and therefore, they focus on all round personality development of the child which involves mental and physical exercises. Implementation of best curriculum subjected to profound examining of various curricula is ensured for students along with various sport events. The overall vision for KIDS FUN PRE SCHOOL has been specially crafted, keeping in mind the significance of leadership in a globalized world, the strength of traditional values of love, empathy, discipline, respect and need for children to be rooted in their native culture.